European Roulette free online game strategies and tips

European Roulette free online game rules

Roulette that has become one of the most often-chosen casino games is a wheel of alternating numbered red and black sectors from 0 to 36. The total numbers on the roulette are from 0 to 36. If European Roulette free online games have 37 sections in the wheel, the American version has an additional 00 pocket.

European Roulette free online nature and the rules

All European Roulette cells online have their own color: red or black, only Zero is indicated in green. The rules state that bets are divided into inside and outside ones. The game starts when the gambler places his chips on the playing field. After the end of bets, the wheel begins to spin and the ball starts in the opposite direction to the Roulette. Then, after the ball stops, the winning option is announced, and the players get payments (if they won). The riskiest bets are paid (number, split, etc.) are paid first, and bets on color, odd / even, first 18 or second 18 are paid after. The casino advantage of any free European Roulette online is 2.7% and in the American casino advantage 5.26%. Thus, this game managed to gain many fans over the long years of its existence.

Bankroll management rules

In addition to the general rules for the game, there are specific rules that work for those, who play European Roulette online free or for money. They include the following important things:

  • European Roulette free online bets can be divided into 2 types. There are High bets on 6 numbers (paid 5: 1), on 3 numbers (paid 11: 1), on 2 numbers (paid 17: 1) and bet on a specific number (35: 1). Here, a player needs a large bankroll, or he will play for a very short time.
  • Low bets with odds (2: 1). Here the risk of losing the entire bankroll quickly is much lower: red or black, even or odd, more or less.
  • Risky gamblers should better raise their bets after they have lost ¼ bankroll in ¼ of the time of the game.

It is not always easy to follow these rules and remember everything. To do it faster, it is better to start playing in a no-money fun mode.

Tips and Roulette strategies

Those, who play European Roulette free online games with deposit bonus additional spins, should remember about wagering requirements and check this information before the real-money game.

Besides, beginners should avoid Martingale. This system is suitable for those players who like to take risks and who have an impressive bankroll in reserve. If a person is not ready to lose a large amount in one spin, then this system will not work. However, if a player wants a quick game and he is ready to take risks, then the Martingale system for playing roulette is quite suitable.

Last updated: February 17, 2020


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