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Free European roulette: rules, strategies and opportunities

It’s no secret that roulette is the queen of all gambling. Playing European roulette is a sign of prestige and a feature of the “higher caste” of gamblers. And not only for these reasons, free European roulette is very popular among fans of excitement. There are some strategies that will help you become winners in this exciting online game before playing for real money.

General rules of free European roulette

Now European roulette free and without registration is available in many online casinos. In order to enjoy the game, you need to find a reliable casino and play roulette on the official website. For your convenience, you can download online roulette and enjoy the game through the application.

The goal of the game is to guess which numbered cell the ball will fall on. On the “European” wheel there are thirty-seven numbers, from 1 to 36 and 0. The player can bet on:

  • A certain number;
  • Combination of numbers in free European roulette;
  • Whether the number will be red or black, even or odd, large or small.

The rules of the game and the main provisions of European roulette are unlikely to cause difficulties for anyone.

Strategies used to win the free European roulette

To win the European roulette play free, you can use simple strategies and enjoy the game with bonus spins. Consider possible batch strategies:

  1. The participant takes turns alternating between black and red. For example, the first bet on black is 100. If it is played, then the next chip is sent to red, and in case of loss, it is again black, but with an increase of up to 200, etc.
  2. The “Mirror Strategy”. The numbers 6, 12, 13, 23 have mirrors 9, 21, 31, 32, respectively. There are also inverted pairs of numbers 26-29 and 16-19. As soon as the gamer noticed that one of them had fallen, he or she began to hunt for the mirror.
  3. System numbers. In everything you need to look for a pattern. For example, if 11 fell, and after about 21 hours, then in the next hour you need to wait 1, 11, 21 or 31.

The main guarantee of a successful game is not to spray bets, which is the main problem for beginners.

Where can you enjoy playing roulette online for free?

You can spend time playing European roulette free online on casino sites. You will get the most convenience if you download the application with these wonderful slots.

Before working out online roulette strategies, it is important to make sure that you choose a game on a licensed site. The sites of the best online casinos have a large number of licensed online European roulettes. With these games you will have a great time and gain experience. The MGA controller strictly monitors the correct operation, so here you can safely check any online roulette strategies.

The best online European roulette is roulette game, which allows you to win. And licensed casinos offer just such games, in which the average payout indicator ranges from 94.74% to 97.3%. Choose a licensed online roulette to your taste and put the math of the game into service!


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